Video Lessons Are:

Convenient: Watch anytime and anywhere.  As long as you have an internet connection, you have access to lessons.



Effective:  View the lessons as many times as you need to absorb the content.  Participate in the online community to ask questions, resolve problems and share accomplishments.


Appealing:  Students enjoy interacting with the videos and having a practice partner with endless patience!

Method and Instructor

This teaching method is a time tested, effective and joyful way for children to learn to play  a musical instrument.


Ruth began her musical journey over 40 years ago and has been studying classical guitar for over thirty years.


For ten years Ruth has taught this material to hundreds of students of all ages, abilities and learning styles.

Classical Guitar

Affordable:  A high-quality instrument for your child will be a fraction of the cost of a piano or violin.


Accessible: Children are familiar with guitar and find it to be an appealing instrument.  Because it has frets, students play in tune from the beginning.


Versatile:  With modest skills, students will be able to play in a variety of styles.


Portable:  Take it with you on vacation, camping...anywhere!